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Ocean Therapy

With Allied Health Professionals

Our Team

Our team provide individual support for NDIS participants 15 years and older in an outdoor environment. Sessions are typically conducted at the beach following an initial intake to assess suitability. Sessions are conducted in conjunction with physiotherapist and surf coach Sarah Farlow, providing a holistic and client centred approach to therapy for the mind and body. The idea behind the program is to take therapy outdoors where sessions will be conducted at the beach in a walk and talk style with Cody, followed by a surf based therapy session with Sarah. The goal of our program is to assist individuals in working towards their physical and mental health NDIS goals to improve their emotion regulation skills, acquire a new skill (i.e. learning to surf), improve physical capacity, achieve movement based goals, and increase community participation.


Clinical Psychology

Cody Boles
Clinical Psychologist & Yoga Instructor


Sarah Farlow
Physiotherapist & Surf Coach
Mocean Surf Therapy 

Walk and Talk

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For some of us, sitting in an office and talking about our challenges can be difficult. Ocean Based Therapy has been designed to offer a new therapy environment, outside the four walls of a clinic room. It still provides you with everything you would normally receive in a room based session with a psychologist, the only difference being that it is delivered in the great outdoors!

We know that psychological support, physical movement, and being in nature are all helpful for our mental health. In an outdoor session, we combine all these aspects to assist you in reducing stress and anxiety, improving awareness of the mind-body connection, and problem solving life's challenges in an open space. 

Sessions are conducted at your pace, you may prefer to sit and talk or walk and talk along the beach. Please see the below flyer for more information and to determine whether you may be suitable for the program.

Learn to Surf

Work alongside physiotherapist and surf coach Sarah Farlow to work towards achieving your NDIS goals.


Surf Based Physiotherapy sessions can support the development of motor skills, balance, coordination, muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, mobility, self esteem and confidence to improve overall physical and mental health. 

For more information about Mocean Surf Therapy, see Sarah's website  

Riding the Waves

School Holiday Programs

Facilitated by Cody and Sarah to assist in social, emotional and physical wellbeing and development. Ages 15 years and older. Next holiday program scheduled for September 2024. Please send an inquiry for more information. 

Yoga on the Beach
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